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If Your Child Stutters: A Guide for Parents 8th edition 64 pages  
If Your Child Stutters:  A Guide for Parents 8th edition 64 pages Quantity in Basket: None
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If Your Child Stutters:
A Guide for Parents

Revised Eighth Edition 2012

Stanley Ainsworth, Ph.D. and Jane Fraser

     This all new 10th edition is written for parents who are concerned about the speech of their young child. The goals of this book are to help you distinguish between normal disfluencies and stuttering and to enable you to begin working with your child with a better understanding of the problem.
     The Risk Factors Chart helps the reader determine whether or not stuttering is likely to become a serious problem.
     An authoritative, understandable book for parents, it includes what to expect in an evaluation and information on how to obtain insurance reimbursement for stuttering treatment. It is often used as a supplement to clinical treatment.
     This book represents the thoughts of many experts in the field of stuttering, all of whom attach great importance to early intervention in prevention of stuttering in the young child.
     Other contributors: Drs. Edward G. Conture, Carl Dell, David Prins, Harold Starbuck, C. Woodruff Starkweather, Charles Van Riper, and Dean Williams. Revised 8th edition 2012. 64 pages. Also available in Spanish. See book #0015.

    This is an excellent basic source of information, clearly written and very affordable.
Diane Hill, M.A., Northwestern University

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