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Do You Stutter: A Guide for Teens, 4th edition, 72 pages  
Do You Stutter: A Guide for Teens, 4th edition, 72 pages Quantity in Basket: None
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A real help for teens
experiencing tough times!

Do You Stutter:
A Guide for Teens

Fourth Edition

Guitar, Conture, Williams, Curlee et al.

     Because you are a teen and because you sometimes stutter, some problems are uniquely yours.
     This book is written to and for you in the hope of helping you solve some of these problems. Also included is a list of myths about stuttering.
     Each chapter is written by a specialist in the field of stuttering. You may be interested to know that many of them have stuttered themselves. All agree that there is a lot you can do to improve the quality of your life.
     4th edition 2008. 72 pages. Also available in Spanish. See book #0030.

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